I don’t need to waste my time in choosing the best protection screen anymore.

I like the statement “Everyday is a new day” specially.


It is a statement that gives people hope. It gives people encouragement and motivates them to work and study in the beginning of the day. It makes people knowing that there is still tomorrow to begin with regardless of how good or bad today has been in the end of the day.


Besides being overwhelmed by the various choices of brands and risking from receiving products with flaws, protection screen has became an essential accessory to me. Oh, and there is also another concern, which is being able to apply it successfully or not. I know it sounds subjective, but I really thought applying the protection screen will save all the troubles forever unless the phone screen cracks. However, the longer the protection screen is being used, the more fingerprints and stains can get on the phone screen more easily and frequently, and trust me, it is an uncomfortable scene to witness.

By the way, I observed some friends of mine have their protection screen cracked and haven’t switched to new ones, and that is something surprising to me. How can people be using a cracked protection screen and still have their days going on?! Don’t even mention about how it might scratch my beautiful hands!

I’d once purchased a protection screen which worth the price of a fancy meal, but the “fancy meal” went cracked after just a week. I’d also bought another one which was cheaper than a cup of green tea and then, yea you’re right, the “green tea” was cracked as well. I’ve came to my conclusion that it doesn’t matter which brand of the protection screen you are using because they all have the potential to get cracked and the stains will always get harder to be cleaned. My conclusion has actually set me free since I no longer need to study so much information such as 9H, curved line edges, or whatever coating it is made of. For people like me who are not expert with technology devices, these academic names can give me more anxiety than my office files.

Ever since joining Seasonal Discovery’s Prime membership, I’ll have to admit that I don’t need to waste my time in choosing the best protection screen anymore. As long as the protection screen gets cracked or dirty, I’ll just need to make a few clicks for a reward and a new protection screen will arrive efficiently like a new day. Every day is a new day!


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