"I don't even know how to buy screen protector!" Following tables to compare the differences and help you choose the right protector!

There must be friends like this: their cell phone screen protector has cracked like a spider web, but it is still used continuously, as if they are not afraid of being cut. If you can't help but ask them, you might get the answer. "The repair fee is too expensive. I can continue to use this mobile phone." Some friends will also say, "I want to go to the store when I have time, but I have no time...". Have you ever thought about it, we can actually change the protector by ourselves, and it is not difficult. Changing the protection sticker is like changing the battery for the remote control. With a little time, you can solve this seemingly unimportant but daily contact problem.
There are always debates on the Internet. Some people say that the mobile screen should remain the same. If you use protector, it will affect the picture and touch. But in fact, what really needs to be discussed is the personal habits. If you are a person who accidentally drops your phone to the ground, or a casual user, insisting on not using protector is not a good idea. Even in the face of careful users, their mobile phones are difficult to avoid by collision and scratching under the high frequency of daily use.
Is it really hard to change the protector?
"I don't even know how to buy it!" 
Many friends couldn't help but agree.
Ok! From the very beginning of the beginning, we use a simple dichotomy to help you find the right screen protector!
The mobile glass protector is made of Ionized glass and is usually indicated by 9H. Seeing this sign means that it is more protective than normal glass and has a scratch-resistant function. The difference in appearance is mainly divided into two types:
・Basic Series (Tempered Glass Film)
Advanced Series (3D Tempered Glass Film)

If you are trying to stick protector for the first time, Basic Series (Tempered Glass Film) is based on a fully transparent design, which allows the frame to have more buffer space, easier to post, and more affordable, which is a good choice for you.
Still, some people don't like the glass borders on the phone's surface. At this time, such consumers can choose Advanced Series (3D Tempered Glass Film). Such a protector will have a one-touch feel. In order to blend with the edge of the phone, this protector has a thicker thickness, which in turn promotes protection. However, you need a slightly more precise technique when you apply your own film. However, you don't have to worry too much. The film of the brand products has a certain quality. If the stickiness is not good, the consumer can gently open the protector several times. The above actions will not cause adverse effects, please rest assured!
     We have compiled the following tables to compare the differences and help you choose the right protector!
What is the replacement frequency of the screen protector?
Is the protector damaged before it can be replaced?
After choosing the right protector, let's talk about the timing of replacing the protector. Have you ever seen a friend's cell phone covered with fingerprints, or even the various stains caused by the use? Now, the design of the protector is more advanced than we think. Most of the branded products are coated with a protective film on the surface of the protector, which is waterproof, oil-resistant and fingerprint-resistant, without affecting the image presentation and touch. However, after our daily use, you will slowly find that fingerprints are easy to appear, and it is easier to have oil. This means that this protective film has worn out under our frequent use. According to the consumer's experience, the screen protector will gradually appear fingerprint oil stain after 3 months of use. This is normal, and it is also reminding the owner of the mobile phone that the protector should be replaced!
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The most commonly used items for modern people are mobile phones, and the surrounding accessories are dazzling. Each person has several chargers and multiple charging lines. Now, protector also appears to be able to update the service at any time. After users join PRIME, they can apply for a screen protector as soon as possible within one year. From the most basic sheet protector to the 3D seamless sticker that emphasizes more features, you're free to choose. Let the user feel free to try and convert it. The maximum protection of 48 pieces of protection stickers per year is quite slippery.
Many good things in life are waiting for us to try, and we are not willing to move forward because of small things.
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