Storage madness and high-tech products


Our lives are filled up with high-tech products nowadays. Relevant merchandise is updated all the time such as charger, power cable, wireless mouse, earphones, power bank, USB, etc., you can at least name a couple of them. It’s not only a mess to see these items scattering around us but what’s even worse is leaving them at home when we need them. Imagine when your cellphone is dead, earphones are soundless, or camera goes without a memory embarrassing is that. It is absolutely the biggest inconvenience that can happen to anyone.


So have you thought of a way to handle it? It seems to me that a proper organization can solve and prevent the above irritating problems. Let’s take a look of some tips for organizing our lovely high-tech products!


1. Get a container for them.

It saves up most troubles when you gather things altogether, a box with lower height and bigger surface will be an ideal choice. A container with big surface makes it clear to view every item. Roll up the cables and chargers to properly place and classify them in the box. You see, it used to be a mess having tangled cables, random chargers and batteries being all over the place, but now they all have a space belonging to them identically. The mess is cleared!

2. Convenient grabbing is all that matters.

Organization is all about making life simpler and freer. Based on the frequency of usage, we should look for a spot where the container can be seen and fetched easily. Such as cabinet in the doorway, coffee table near the outlet, side-stand next to the bed, or that couch you’d always play video games at. Things should be grabbed at its most convenient formula based on how frequent you pass by the spot. Follow this logic then you will find the container box faster than anything!


3. The most classic rule of organizing: pick an unified color tone!

If you ever give attention to those storage experts you’ll realize that an unified color tone naturally makes everything minimalist - what a brilliant way when it comes to organizing. Unification brings diversity to order and makes everything 50% more organized. We should consider choosing an unified color tone when we purchase our high-tech products such as portable chargers, cellphone cases, cables, and earphone cases. The result will bring you a surprising effect!


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