About Discoverer Club

How do I obtain a Discoverer membership?

(1) Sign up (2) Click [Join the Club] & add membership to cart (3) Pay $10 for a one year membership (4) Embrace the exclusive protection from the Discoverer club.

What are the benefits of Discoverers?

(1) Free screen protectors (2) 20% discount 24/7 on all items on our website (3) extra 50% off on our quarterly prime day.

If screen protectors are FREE for Discoverers, why do I have to pay shipping & handling fees each time I order?

SD would like to provide top quality screen protectors to our discoverers with as little cost as possible so discoverers can be entirely free from protection issues. Yet due to the relatively high cost of logistics, as well as packaging, SD has to charge the S&H fees each time discoverers claim screen protectors. Another reason to charge S&H fees is to prevent from hostile members/competitors sabotaging the integrity of the program or to undermine the benefits we strive to provide our discoverers.

How much is the shipping & handling fee?

The logistics cost for SD items will be around $5-$12 depending on the location of the final destination. Reasonably, a different S&H fee will be charged according to the precise location of the mailing address of discoverers. However, a flat rate of $6 is set for now.

What does “100% satisfaction guarantee” for the membership mean?

If discoverers are not satisfied with either protectors or the service of the club, the
membership fee can be refunded after a request to SD. But due to the service charges from financial institutes both from inbound or outbound orders, discoverers should not expected to receive the full $10 if refunded. The precise amount will vary due to different payments and financial institutes involved. What will be certain is that SD will not withhold any amount we receive if, unfortunately, you are not satisfied with the service.

Why do I need to wait 7 days to claim my next screen protector?

Due to the limited space of the warehouse, we will not be able to provide as many protectors as we wish in a short period of time. As for reasonable orders of screen protectors, we believe one protector a week should be more than enough.

About bap® screen protectors

What does [bap] stand for?

There are THREE lines/series of screen protectors from Seasonal Discovery:

  • Better-than-Nothing
  • Above-Average
  • Probably-Invincible
  • The initials b-a-p marks the name of the brand.
What are the differences between these three series?

Better-than-Nothing serves the most basic function as a screen protector. It’s slim.
Perfect to prevent scratches. (no from)

Above-Average is full coverage of the entire screen so it’s more aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes a smartphone with an Above-Average protector will look like it has no protector at all.

Probably-Invincible will be launched soon with extra functions.

Which series I should choose?

Even though we named the three series with humorous (fun?) brand names, bap protectors are designed and made to beat most of the protectors on the market. We really cannot say which series is the best among them. Only you know what suits you and your lifestyle. After all, as a discoverer, you can order each of the series every week and see which one suits you the best.

How do I apply the screen protector properly?

The video will give you step-by-step instructions on how to apply the protector. (link to youtube)

Is there a warranty for the claimed screen protectors?

Even though we adopt one of the best quality ionized-strengthened glass with 50%
more strengthened time when we make the protectors, glass is glass after all. It will break under
specific impact angles and certain forces. Not to mention that it will stick to dust particles once
peeled from the plastic plate. That is why we provide free and unlimited (yeah, almost)
protectors for our discoverers but not a feasible so-called warranty.

What should I do if I improperly apply or even break the protectors during applying?

Order a brand new one and be a protector installation expert after a few tries.

About Shipping

Do I have to pay shipping fee when purchase on SD website?

Yes, you have to pay $6 shipping & handling fee when claim screen protector as a discoverer.

No, you don’t have to pay ANY shipping fee for all other items.
You can exempt the S&H fee of claiming by making $35 (or more) purchase each time when you claim the protector.

How long it takes to receive my items after purchase?

Usually, the orders take 2-3 days to ship to designated add in US, but it may take extra days at high season.

It’s a good idea to stock 1 spare protector with you for emergency but don’t stock too many because the glue on it has expiration period as well.

Where does Seasonal Discovery ship?

We currently ship to addresses located within the United States (including all U.S. Territories and Protectorates) and Australia. However, we will likely introduce more shipping areas in the near future!

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