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  • Unlimited Free* & fresh screen protectors 
  • Exclusive discounts on website 
What's the take?
    • $USD 10 annually
    More Why?
      • Free from the anxiety completely to pick the right screen protectors for your iPhone.
      • Variety of protector lines, i.e. B/A/P, for you to try them out
      • Less costly to feel the differences among them then figure out what is the best suitable for you
      • SD  always leans over backwards to provide the top quality products
      • Keep your protectors F.R.E.S.H all the time (which you should because the coating on protectors will wear out after a period of time no matter how good quality the coating used)

      Rather than spending time on comparing which company’s protector is better,

      why don’t you look for the one that suits you better?


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      One More WHY 
      Our discoverers enjoy 20% off on all items 24/7
      Extra 50% off on our quarterly PRIME DAY 



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